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What have I been up to?


A voxel-building tool

A simple way to build 3D models for 3D printing. Built for the ABC3D project.

With Techno Culture Club


GIF making 'photo booth' that integrates users in NFB content

Users get in, select a theme (winter, crazy, historical, etc.). They are then…

With TinkTank


A RasPi-powered portable printer camera

With Mozzarellabs


A JS app to 'triangulate' an image by hand

With Mozzarellabs


A four-camera set-up to take animated GIF picture, AKA wigglegrams. Also tested with a set of 8 mirrors.

With Mozzarellabs


An in-browser microwave to 'melt' 3D files

With Mozzarellabs


A RasPi-powered web radio, using Kano. 3D printed body

With gcoul


Live projection mapping on a 3D scanned / 3D printed face. Basically: creepy

With Mozzarellabs


A JS web app to draw cookies

With Mozzarellabs

Saxo synth

A laser-cut Arduino-powered saxo synthesizer for professional musician

With Matthieu Metzger


A game you can pass over to your grand-children. Developed during Paris's first ArtGame Weekend

With One Life Remains

Pod crasher

An iPhone game that invites you to throw your phone as high as possible

With Marek Bereza