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What have I been up to?


A voxel-building tool

A simple way to build 3D models for 3D printing. Built for the ABC3D project.

With Techno Culture Club


GIF making 'photo booth' that integrates users in NFB content

Users get in, select a theme (winter, crazy, historical, etc.). They are then…

With TinkTank


Technical director - Museomix 2015 @MACM

With Techno Culture Club


2 days of wonder and creativity to imagine the future of VR storytelling

With NFB, QDS and Mutek. Women creators only.

With Techno Culture Club

Playmo triplane

3D printed plane for Playmo kids


lego-compatible Santiano


A RasPi-powered portable printer camera

With Mozzarellabs


Series of 3D printing workshops for libraries

With Techno Culture Club


3D printed parametric lampshade

Culture Icon Set

300+ icons free to download for the cultural sector


Presentation on 'hackathons+companies' at MCPC 2015


A JS app to 'triangulate' an image by hand

With Mozzarellabs


A four-camera set-up to take animated GIF picture, AKA wigglegrams. Also tested with a set of 8 mirrors.

With Mozzarellabs

Concrete fix

3D scanned / 3D printed prosthesis for concrete bloc

La Sphère - makers

Interview about the Maker movement on Radio Canada


An in-browser microwave to 'melt' 3D files

With Mozzarellabs


A day of conferences for SMEs to understand the potentials of 3D printing.

A day of workshop to investigate the potential of 3D printing in the coming…

With Corpoe

ANICE stool

A parametric 3D model to create ice stools

Montreal vector drawings

Test drawings using iSketchnote tablet

Museomix 2014

Technical director - Museomix 2014 @MBAM

With Techno Culture Club


A RasPi-powered web radio, using Kano. 3D printed body

With gcoul

Maker icon

An icon for the maker movement. Has been downloaded more than 3000 times and can be found in many maker projects.


Live projection mapping on a 3D scanned / 3D printed face. Basically: creepy

With Mozzarellabs


A mash-up of ~10 different 3D models out of Thingiverse.


A JS web app to draw cookies

With Mozzarellabs


Logo for Foligram, an app that uses crowd-sourcing to recognize plants

With Space Apps 2014

Interview at La Sphère

Presentation of Space Apps Challenge at La Sphère on Radio Canada

With TinkTank

FameLab trophy

Trophy concept for the FameLab project

Mais Que ReFaire

32-card game to describe the Maker movement and invent new projects. Kickstarted on Ulule

With nod-A

LEGO-compatible FabLab machines

Digital fabrication equipment for your tiny LEGO friends

3D printed Montreal landmarks

the St Joseph oratorium, olympic stadium and planetarium. Ant sized

3D printed connector

A 3D printed test for building modular furinture

With Museomix

Museomix MTL graphic design

stickers, posters and participant leaflet for Museomix 2014

With Museomix

small LEGO robot

Oh, and it's having an icecream

Interview for Museomix on Radio Canada

Presenting Museomix during Museomix Quebec 2013

D7 D222

A set of quick-and-dirty bedside tables using repurposed road signs

Saxo synth

A laser-cut Arduino-powered saxo synthesizer for professional musician

With Matthieu Metzger

Isometric vector Arduino

Arduino drawing made using the 3D tools in Illustrator

Laser-cut anti-theft iPhone case

Sweet iPhone case used for exhibitions

With One Life Remains


A game you can pass over to your grand-children. Developed during Paris's first ArtGame Weekend

With One Life Remains

Steampunk phone

Conceptual phone using punched cards coded in binary

With Marek Bereza


Modular self-watering vertical gardening system

With Marek Berez, Sian Smyth and Lucy Helme


Home-made furniture using reclaimed wine crates


Open data experiment for a service design platform


water-powered shower radio. RCA solo project. Working prototype


Modular bike parking system concept

Pod crasher

An iPhone game that invites you to throw your phone as high as possible

With Marek Bereza

Munny birdcage

Munny with a 3D printed birdcage head

LED display

LED display for sousaphone for the French brass band les "Josettes Noires"


DIY notepads using reclaimed scientific papers.


Home-made resin-cast penguins characters

penguin king

Graphic design


triangulated chair

Actes sud

Set of 3 crafted books. Presents for the editor Actes Sud