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What have I been up to?


Technical director - Museomix 2015 @MACM

With Techno Culture Club


2 days of wonder and creativity to imagine the future of VR storytelling

With NFB, QDS and Mutek. Women creators only.

With Techno Culture Club


Series of 3D printing workshops for libraries

With Techno Culture Club


A day of conferences for SMEs to understand the potentials of 3D printing.

A day of workshop to investigate the potential of 3D printing in the coming…

With Corpoe

Museomix 2014

Technical director - Museomix 2014 @MBAM

With Techno Culture Club


Logo for Foligram, an app that uses crowd-sourcing to recognize plants

With Space Apps 2014

FameLab trophy

Trophy concept for the FameLab project


A game you can pass over to your grand-children. Developed during Paris's first ArtGame Weekend

With One Life Remains

Pod crasher

An iPhone game that invites you to throw your phone as high as possible

With Marek Bereza