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What have I been up to?


A voxel-building tool

A simple way to build 3D models for 3D printing. Built for the ABC3D project.

With Techno Culture Club


A JS app to 'triangulate' an image by hand

With Mozzarellabs


A four-camera set-up to take animated GIF picture, AKA wigglegrams. Also tested with a set of 8 mirrors.

With Mozzarellabs

Concrete fix

3D scanned / 3D printed prosthesis for concrete bloc


An in-browser microwave to 'melt' 3D files

With Mozzarellabs

ANICE stool

A parametric 3D model to create ice stools


A RasPi-powered web radio, using Kano. 3D printed body

With gcoul


Live projection mapping on a 3D scanned / 3D printed face. Basically: creepy

With Mozzarellabs


A JS web app to draw cookies

With Mozzarellabs

3D printed connector

A 3D printed test for building modular furinture

With Museomix

Steampunk phone

Conceptual phone using punched cards coded in binary

With Marek Bereza


Open data experiment for a service design platform


water-powered shower radio. RCA solo project. Working prototype

Pod crasher

An iPhone game that invites you to throw your phone as high as possible

With Marek Bereza