About me

I am a passionate, curious and creative tinkerer with a strong technical background. My work is deeply inspired by the DIY (Do It Yourself) culture and, more than that, by DIWO (Do It With Others) principles.

Over the years, I have developed a specialization in the mechanics of creativity, especially within short sprint periods. I have ran dozens of hackathons, in a variety of settings.


I graduated as a mechanical engineer (ENSAM, France) and industrial designer (Royal College of Art & Imperial College, London). I was trained to design thinking methodologies that I have had the chance to apply to a variety of projects (products, platforms, applications, services, architecture, etc.).

After graduating at the RCA, I worked for a year at the Helen Hamlyn Research Center on a project about access to energy in developing countries for Legrand. My exploration took me to hippie communes in Wales as well as slums in Mumbai.

I then joined French design school ENSCI les Ateliers in Paris as the first batch of D-labs (design laboratories) and worked on three different research projects involving new uses of technology.

In 2011, I joined a young start-up (nod-A) as the first employee. I helped the company define its services and grow to 10 employees. It runs intense problem-solving, open-innovation, prototype-driven, creative sprints for companies. I coined the term ‘makestorming’ (make + brainstorming) to describe that activity.

Community engagement

Since 2012, I have been involved emergence of fablabs in France. I helped design and run a temporary fablab in Paris’ Science museum, during the fablab squared experience which aimed to disseminate fablabs in France. The country now has more than 100 fablabs.

I also contributed to start the first fablab in central Paris (Le Petit Fablab de Paris).

I have been involved in Museomix, the international museum makeathon, since its creation in Paris in 2011. I've acted as the technical director for the Montreal edition. I am also part of the 'Agora', the strategic decision group. I contribute regularly to the development of the project, which works as an open-source community.


I love experimenting with technology and fabrication. I have had a 3D printer for a few years and I love the fact that I can go from idea to prototype in just a few hours. Combined with programmable platforms (Arduino, RasPi, etc.), it makes it easy to generate innovative solutions through prototyping and experimentation, blending physical and digital experiences. As I always like learning new things, I have taken on coding quite seriously for about 3 years, using online education ressources.

Creative, enthusiast and critical, I am a good element in a team. I love exchanging ideas with others and bringing concepts at their maximum potential.

I am a fervent user of new technologies and I believe we’re only at the beginning of how we can use them to create a better society.


I am now based in Montreal where I work on all kinds of creative projects. I am a co-creator TinkTank, Techno Culture Club and Mozzarellabs.

Please, contact me if you have any questions or if you want to work together.